Bethel United Church of Christ exists to help people experience the grace of God as revealed through the love of Jesus Christ, to be a Christian congregation of neighborly love, and to serve as an instrument of God’s love in our community and the world.

We believe that God’s love is revealed through the scriptures and through God’s acts. We are called to respond by providing and participating in public worship and Christian education, and by nurturing individual and personal faith. As a church community of Christian faith, we seek to minister to diverse people, to seek and welcome all persons, to care for them in times of need, to represent standards of morality by which to guide decisions, to be open to change, and to empower our membership with the spirit of God which is in each of us. As an instrument of God’s love in the world we believe in living lives of Christian values. We are challenged to respond to the suffering of the world by acting on behalf of peace and justice and by advocating the adoption of just and wise public policy. We seek to extend the Gospel message particularly by responding to the needs of those who are deprived and suffering.

Our Mission

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